Introducing Yogic Yogi

Be Kind. Be Nice. It's Contagious.


Meet Yogic Yogi

Well, my name is LaMaria & I moved to Dallas from Minnesota four years ago and I have not looked back since! I love my Dallas lifestyle. I am an accountant by day and an artist by night.

I am a certified Yoga Sculpt instructor based in Dallas, Texas since 2019. Once I entered the world of Yoga my entire life changed! Witnessing what great Joy, Peace, & Serenity it brings yogis has been breathtaking! I love seeing my students embrace their inner Joy, it inspires me to continue in my practice and spread positivity like wildflowers!

My intention is to create an environment that leaves yogis with a renewed & refreshed mind, body, and soul! I am inspired by God and how he is able to transform the mind through meditation, movement, and stretching. So, come join this yoga journey with me. At the end of every single class it is the Yogic Yogi promise that you will be even closer to Jesus, others, and self