All About Yogic Yogi

Yoga You Can Trust

I first found Yoga in 2014 and the intensity of the Sculpt class brought pure Joy to my heart! As a Dallas Yoga Sculpt instructor I strive to have each and every student leave with every stress of the day lifted off of their shoulders.

This class can be performed by brand new yogis to the most experienced of yogis. Yoga is a practice that continues forever. Whatever level you are at Yogic Yogi can guarantee you leave with an inner peace undeniable!

How do you motivate?

I empower my students to persevere through high levels of energy, enthusiasm, and charisma! My mantra is to be KIND and be NICE because it is contagious. I LOVE nice people!

Outside of Yogic Yogi

I enjoy singing, writing music, playing piano, making YouTube videos, rollerblading, playing tennis, sewing, going to bible studies, talking/video chatting with family, and going on hikes! I would consider myself one big ball of JOY & LOVE! I’m always on the GO! Catch me if you can!

I give all the glory to God!